Full Features

Order placement
Client will place the order via the BlockSTRACT service or through the Qualia Marketplace API. The order form will need to be dynamic based on product selection and client add-ons, and will need to closely resemble the information already gathered by the Qualia Marketplace.

Order delivery to Abstractor network
Once the order is received, the system will send the order "invitation" to active abstract members based on the following criteria:

  • Tier 1: Location - only abstractors in the county where the search will take place (based on property address)
  • Tier 2: Price - system chooses members who have the lowest price point listed first
  • Tier 3: Ratings - System will start with the highest rated profiles then work down the list

  • Order invitation response
    Abstractors included in the invitation will have 10 minutes to accept or deny the invitation. After 10 minutes the invite is automatically declined. If no members in the first batch accept the order, the second batch of members will be selected by the system, moving down the criteria list.

    Order acceptance
    Abstractor accepts the order through the BlockSTRACT site. The system determines who replied first and the winner is notified. Details of the order are sent to the Abstractor including attachments. The client is then notified that the order has been received and is in progress.

    Abstraction efforts & order issues
    During the abstraction process if there are issues with the file, the abstractor can send it back to the Client to request more information or clarification. Issues that may arise during intake are:

  • Incomplete order details
  • Missing information/miscategorized search request. Example: ordered as residential but is actually commercial.
  • Combined searches into one order. Example: two parcels that require two separate searches and orders.
  • No information found with the information given

  • File Tracker
    During the process, the Client will have a “File Tracker” similar to Uber Eats and a simple timeline:
  • Order received
  • Order in progress
  • Order delivered

  • Messaging System
    Clients and Abstractors need a way to communicate to each other through the system when questions about an order arise. This is treated like an email "inbox" so there is a timestamp and repository of messages. Would like the ability to upload additional documents in these messages that fall outside of the normal order process.

    Notification System
    A system to notify Abstractors when a new order is available (BlockSTRACT site, SMS) as well as a system to notify clients when there are questions/issues with an order, an order has been accepted, an order has been delivered, etc.

    Client Profile
    A profile page to collect information from the client such as bank account information if they want ACH, a way to see all current owners (linking to the File Tracker), a way to access old orders to retrieve documents or resend to Qualia. A link to the messaging system to communicate with abstractors.

    Abstractor Profile
    Profiles pages to capture abstractor details:

  • Counties covered
  • Products offered (residential, commercial, updates, etc.)

  • BlockSTRACT will show them the price we will pay plus the expected turn time for each product they choose to offer. If they don’t like the price, they can manually input their own. Bank information to receive payments. The Rating system based on performance displayed only to them.

    Rating System
    The Rating System will let clients give Abstractors a rating of their performance. The rating is used in the selection algorithm and not publically displayed.

    The system will provide detailed analytics to Abstractors on why they are winning or losing deals: coverage area, pricing, rating, etc.