We offer a complete environment for exploration, prototyping, and production use cases. unanimity 1.1 automatically ties into our infrastructure.

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We are almost entirely self funded and funded through private accredited investors.
Most importantly we have real customers and we are solving real pain points for them.

We will tie into your existing workflow without adding any additional steps in the process.

Ubitquity's API and SaaS/BaaS platform has been running on our Aviation Closing Room® solution seamlessly since day one. The team at Ubitquity are professional in business, have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, and a clear understanding of the needs of title and escrow companies across our industry. We are very happy customers at AIC Title Service.

Clay Healey, Owner, AIC Title Service

Fully Blockchain Agnostic

With multiple blockchain support.




Core features of the unanimity platform

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  • API sandbox included for any and all project testing requirements
  • Audit Logs & Document Authentication
  • Dedicated secure cloud instance: 100% CPU + SSD (Low latency and SLA guaranteed)
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection included
  • Easy deployment with Docker Container (operating-system-level virtualization, also known as “containerization”)
  • Encrypted private storage of both wallet keys and hashes of data via Managed Solutions
  • Fully customizable API workflow & UI/UX front end module add-ons to meet your needs
  • Integration with Enterprise Applications
  • Optional sandbox and live data back up so you never lose your work
  • Operation Dashboards & Utilities
  • Performance Analysis & Monitoring
  • Encrypted/Non-encrypted files can be stored on Amazon AWS, IPFS, StorJ, Vultr
  • Document management via our patent pending real-time API to blockchain agnostic platform.
  • Up to 50 free transactions as part of a trial of the unanimity platform
  • Enterprise-ready blockchain registry and transfer of real estate
  • Blockchain registry of real estate title & local or cloud storage for real estate transfer documents with cooperation from title and land records offices
  • Interactive demo available for governments, title companies, affiliates, and VARs (Value Added Resellers)
  • Full platform and API documentation included in addition to our FAQ pages
  • Title insurance integration & support (with experienced title staff on-call)
  • Live 24/7/365 support from our development and customer service staff so you know you’re in safe hands