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Ubitquity, an innovative SaaS leader in blockchain, title, and real estate has launched its live demo on a production server, marking general availability and publicly demonstrating its solution to empower the title and escrow industry to conduct real property settlements through underlying stablecoin technologies Wilmington, Delaware, USA — October 11, 2021 — Ubitquity LLC, the […]


Ubitquity, the innovative leader in the blockchain, title, and real estate space has launched SmartEscrow.us in order to help the title and escrow industry conduct a real property settlement utilizing cryptocurrency stablecoins Wilmington, Delaware, USA — July 22, 2021 — Ubitquity LLC, the leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, is pleased […]

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Originally Published on Rocket Homes Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin — a lot of these terms are used these days, and many people don’t understand what they mean. Explaining blockchain to someone now is like explaining the internet was to someone in the 1980s. With each new, revolutionary technology — like the internet or blockchain — there are […]

The RE (Real Estate) closing process in the United States has been traditionally slow to leverage modern technology. (Article was originally written for UNISSU and was published on September 25th, 2020 by Ian Staley). Emerging technologies, like blockchain, have seen slow adoption in the industry, but these types of technologies have recently seen an uptick in utilization […]

With the recent launch of SmartEscrow’s new website, we at Ubitquity couldn’t be more excited for 2021! Our software has TRID Integration, wire fraud mitigation, smart contract capabilities, and much more. We’ve included a full range of features for reports, disclosures, settlement statements, etc. See our Full Features list. We also offer white labeling, IP licensing, and […]