Before we end off 2020, please join Founder & CEO Nathan Wosnack and VP of Product/Adviser Wesley Williams, Esq. for one hour, as they introduce you to two of products that we already have live and being fully utilized by the title industry:

BlockSTRACT: A blockchain-powered marketplace for abstractor, agents, title companies, and title production vendors as described by The Title Report as “a game changer” for the title industry.

SmartEscrow: SmartEscrow utilizes smart contract technology to act as an autonomous intermediary, automatically executing on instructions provided from transaction parties. SmartEscrow has a built-in auto-calculation mechanism inserts data into the TRID form; allows for real-time collaboration and data-sharing. It helps with the growing issues of wire verification as well.

The webinar is free. To schedule a more in-depth demo, and to explore how we can work with your existing workflow (without additional steps), please email [email protected].

Once you RSVP for this event, we will send a password.

Ubitquity reserves the right to limit or restrict participants at its sole discretion. This webinar is bound by our Terms and Conditions of Use: https://www.ubitquity.io/terms-of-use/.

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