Frequently Asked Questions
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Last revised: January 7, 2021


Q: "What is SmartEscrow?"
A: Blockchain-based Smart Escrow Contracts (SmartEscrow™) allow for reduced overhead costs and mitigated risks. Once data is placed on the blockchain it can be easily retrieved and re-used without a need for further verification. The data becomes a single source of truth all parties to the transaction can trust without the need to reconcile.

Features Include:

  • TRID Integration¹ & Real Time Collaboration
  • Fraud mitigation for Wiring Instructions
  • Import Title Order, Purchase Agreement, Deposit Payments, Disclosures, Settlement Statements, Payments, Recorded Deed
  • SmartEscrow includes Unanimity Enterprise-ready API, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Storage.

  • ¹ Learn more about TRID RESPA

    Q: "Who are the ideal SmartEscrow customers and users?"
    A: Title, title insurance, and escrow firms. Along with any other firm, such as financial institution, that wants a blockchain recordation solution with their escrow offering.

    Q: "What features are available with SmartEscrow?"
    A: Features included: Deposit Payment, Review Blockchain Record, Upload Disclosures Upload Fund Transfer Receipt Upload Purchase Agreement Upload Recorded Deed [to Blockchain] Upload Settlement Statements Upload Title Report.


    Q: "Do you have your own blockchain?"
    A: No. We are a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider with a platform and API called unanimity. Building our own blockchain would not only be expensive to build and maintain, but it would be resource intensive and offer little value compared to using existing infrastructure. We are 100% blockchain agnostic and support permissionless, permissioned, federated, and consortium blockchains. Some of the blockchains we support are Proton Chain, Bitcoin, Quorum, Hyperledger, and Ethereum (if they decide to fix their gas price/GWEI issues). Learn more on our Platform page.

    Q: "We are in need of custom integration services. Can you help us integrate SmartEscrow into our unique workflow?"
    A: Yes. We offer this via our Managed Solutions offering.


    Q: "I'm a title, title insurance, or escrow firm. How do I pay for the service?"
    A: By visiting the pricing and payment page. We charge a SaaS fee (monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on your plan). For custom development work, we charge for this separately. Pricing depends on your specific requirements. email us for clarification.

    Q: "What payment methods do you support with SmartEscrow?"
    A: We accept Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer (via TransferWise).